Since the dawn of civilized human existence, man has sought to justify his presence, and seek a purpose to his life. He has tried to make rough categories and roles for himself and his mates, and tried to describe them by any and all means possible.

To this goal, the metascience of astrology has come closest. When interpreted with mastery and expertise, astrology can predict events and happenings with startling accuracy. And while most cultures used smoke and mirrors and signs and symbols, Indian astrology is founded on firm Physics and manifest Mathematics, and is as much a science as it is an art.

While most of our Consultaion Services and Personal Appointments are based around Indian Astrological Studies, on the web we offer details of the Western Zodiac as well. The role of Sun Signs is more pronounced in western astrology. A Sun Sign is determined based on the date and month of the birth.

March 21
April 20
April 21
May 21
May 22
June 21
June 22
July 23
July 24
August 23
August 24
September 23
September 24
October 23
October 24
November 22
November 23
December 21
December 22
January 20
January 21
February 19
February 20
March 20

In Hindu Astrology the characterstics and attributes of personality is determined 50% by the Moon sign and balance 50% by the Ascendant. In Western Astrology the personality is considered to be characterised 80% by from Sun Sign, 10% from Moon Sign and the balance 10% from Ascendant.

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