Taurus - The Bull

April 21st to May 21st

Taurus is determined and peaceful. Although they are not leaders themselves, they instantly recognize good leaders and follow them. People enjoy their company because they have a good sense of humour and are intelligent. They are dependable friends who are not scared off by challenges. They may believe so strongly in their values that they may sacrifice relationships for them. Although they are generally calm and quiet creatures, they attack fiercely upon provocation.

Ruling Planet – Venus

Personality – Kind hearted, Pragmatic, Artistic, Materialistic, Practical, Self indulgent, Careful, Trustworthy, Patient.

Positive Qualities – Practical, Trustworthy, Artistic, Generous, Stable, Loyal, Careful, Humane, Kind.

Negative Qualities – Stubborn, Possesive, Prejudiced, Coarse, Earthy, Lazy, Self indulgent, Conventional outlook.

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