Sagittarius- The Archer

November 23rd to December 21st

Sagittarius is optimistic and full of life. They adventurous, energized extroverts who continue to have positive outlooks even when their ideas are put down. They always side with the underdog. They have good judgement and enjoy starting projects. They have a nagging need to feel free, which can get them in trouble, and they also might be impatient.

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Personality – Idealistic, Honest, Impatient, Enthusiastic, Frank, Fearless, Ambitious, Philosophical, Boisterous

Positive Qualities – Enthusiastic, Frank, Fearless, Ambitious, Sportsman spirit, Philosophical, Curious, Aspiring.

Negative Qualities – Boastful, Aggressive, Overconfident, Prone to exaggeration, Tactless, Inconsistent, Crude.

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