Virgo - The Virgin

August 24th to September 23rd

Virgins are creative, delicate and intelligent. They love to have everything in order, but are also patient. They are very observant, which can lead them to be judgemental. Some people may think them cold, because of the rarity of emotional expression. They are also very charming and dignified, although they might not have many friends because of their problem with showing their feelings. They are more followers than leadrs, but are highly logical.

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Personality – Highly critical, Exact, Methodical, Expressive, Analytical, Discriminating, Sincere, responsible.

Positive Qualities – Methodical, Psychic, Exact, Responsible, Expressive, Analytical, Discriminating.

Negative Qualities – Too critical, Pushy, Rigid, Prudish, Fault finding, Unsympathetic, Quarrelsome, Miserly.

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