Cancer - The Crab

June 22nd to July 23rd

Cancer is one of the most difficult zodiac signs to understand. Cancerians can have many different personalities. Most Cancerians like to be at their homes, and enjoy large families. They tend to daydream very often and can easily be found in a state of fantasy. They enjoy art, writing, drama, but acting may not be a good career choice because of their tendency to overact. Cancer is the sign most likely to believe in the Zodiac, as well as other psychic happenings. They make loyal friends and good patriots.

Ruling Planet – The Moon

Personality – Sensitive, Sympathetic, Psychic, Loyal, Persuasive, Idealistic, Imaginative, Caring.

Positive Qualities – Tenacious, Sensitive, Sympathetic, Moody, Ambitious, Caring, Mediumistic.

Negative Qualities – Moody, Marked with inferiority complex, Vacillating, Unforgiving, Pessimistic, Can be hurt easily.

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