quarius - The Water-Bearer

January 21st to February 19th

Aquarians in general come in two different types: shy and lively. Both are strong-willed and honest. Your thoughts are orderly and you plan your life in a systematic manner. You are unprejudiced and can see other's points of view. You are serious, but you can also be funny with a dry sense of humour. You are also logical and intelligent. There are times when you feel the need to withdraw from people and be alone for a while, which causes some people to think that you are a loner. But, while you are alone, you enjoy meditation and prayer. You are very independent and rarely go along with the crowd. Some Aquarians are extremely egotistical, and may consequentially drive friends away.

Ruling Planet – Uranus

Personality – Honest, Popular, Amiable, Truth seeking, Hesitant, Inefficient, Humane, yet Suspicious, Rebellious.

Positive Qualities – Honest, Creative, Truth seeking, Humane, Caring, Intuitive, Broadminded, Unconventional, Popular.

Negative Qualities – Erratic, Whimsical, Inefficient, Eccentric, Fickle minded, Rebellious, Hesitant.

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