Pisces- The Fish

Pisces are not easy to recognize, for all the other eleven signs are combined in this one. In other words, sometime the Piscean will behave like a Leo, and at other times like an Aries or a Gemini. They are usually generous, caring and kind. Howevere, they tend to be more concerned about other's problems than their own. They are not decisive and may change their minds many times. They are followers, but do not always choose good leaders. Because of their good qualities, they are popular with many types of people, but their secretive manner can sometimes drive their friends away.

Ruling Planet – Neptune

Personality – Psychic, Poetic, Often moody, Drifting, Hypersensitive, Impractical, Secretive, Self-sacrificing.

Positive Qualities – Liberal, Sensitive, Gentle, Caring, Progressive, Kind, Persuasive, Loving nature, Imaginative.

Negative Qualities – Uncertain, Vague, Easy going, Sometimes careless, Hard to understand, Impractical.


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