Astrology has the power to untangle the mystery called future that eludes all of us. Some of us carry an impression that astrology is all about elaborating the pre-destined and pre-determined path that life is. ‘Karma’ or ‘The Efforts’ form the basis of future. Intensity and degree of results are determined by Karma. Planets influence the creation of an environment and also a mindset – how one reacts to this influence is entirely in the hands of the individual.

Role of a personal astrologer is to help you in identifying the good periods in which you can take more risks and challenges to maximise the benefits and also identifying the not-so-good-periods suggesting you to lie low during such times, for either consolidation or to avoid being a loser. To mould the circumstances in your favour, an astrologer can also inform your about preventive or rememdial measures.

The ‘software generated’ or ‘pre-set’ predictions are non-interactive and have limitations. The in-depth study of your horoscope and personal involvement of the astrologer is essential in for a meaningful blue-print for the future.

The Indian way of life depended strongly on planetary influences and rules of astrology can be traced within each Samskara. Most people still consider it essential to match the horoscopes (kundali) before uniting a couple into marital harmony.

Horoscopic prediction is like a map, without which the destination can be reached; but the map helps in cutting down the waste of time and energy thereby improving the quality of the journey. Just as the directions in the map seem simple till crossroads call for traveler's judgment, astrology provides guidance on long-term, short-term and at micro level.

With the aid of modern 3-D technologies, even the children can understand the role of persepctive. Indian astrology, from the very begining has applied this truth by preparing several charts for a given subject / time. Even if all the charts can be generated all at once, no software can match the fuzzy logic a human astrologer develops and applies to his predictions.

The correctness of birth details like date and place of birth and accuracy of the time of birth is extremely important for calculations for creating an error free horoscope and amazingly true predictions. Clear statement of one's requirement is equally essential.

In our site, you shall find means to fathom the depths of the twelve zodiac, astrological guidance to unlock the future, environment optimization with Vaastu View , introduction to the tarot cards, and numerology, along with Personal Kundali (Horoscope) Sessions with a genuine astrologer with a quarter-century of experience.


Your expertise in astrology is driven with passion and therefore the predictions very good.

Suman Agrawal


Founder, Selfcare India

Author, “Don't Diet” and “Unjunked”

Mumbai, India

Thank you. This accomplishment has not been without your support. You have been an anchor in the last 3-4 years in our family and I value this very much. And, so does my family.

S Tiwari


Secretary IMF, Washington DC, USA

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