Vaastu is the ancient Indian study involving details of a place of ‘Vaas’ meaning residence. With time it developed into a study of land, location and directions for determining the construction and layout of a house, office, shop, workplace, factory or a place of worship.

Objective of Vaastu is to achieve a balance and harmony between the five basic elements of the universe i.e. space, air, fire, water and earth which provide us life and energy to live. A lack of harmony between these elements results in a disbalance of energies leading to disturbed thoughts and unhealthy body.

Application of Vaastu principles while constructing, designing or decorating the home or the workplace helps maximising the benefits conferred by mother nature and neutralising the contradictions, negative vibes or conflicts.

Apparently Vaastu was founded on observation and common sense. Sun the principle source of energy for earth, rises in the east. During it’s course from east to west it follows a specific path during summers and slightly different path during winters. This difference is caused by the fact that the axis of the earth is tilted while orbit path around the Sun remains same and as a result a particular point on earth comes closest to the Sun during summers and farthest during winters. Consequently south-east of the building will enjoy more sunlight and would get heated up for larger period compared to the rest – this portion could serve the purpose of kitchen, pantry or furnace.

To keep the water cool, pure and contamination free it has to be stored in north-east. Quite naturally this portion would have to be neat, clean, light and clutter free and therefore becomes the ideal choice for establishing the deity or puja room. Large storage of water underground was done in this corner.

The ideal entrance for any building is in north-east and the other extreme end is the most stable and therefore to be utilised by the head of the family. For the guests the most suitable portion happens to be north-west.

These principles are put into practice for determining layout of a factory, a shop, an office or a studio, keeping the ultimate objective of maximising comfort and energy efficiency and thereby eliminating conflict and negativity.

Places that seem friendly, exude serentity and provide soothing feeling are all found to be following Vaastu principles. The stress and strain in relationships can be reduced considerably by making minor changes in those homes where lack of emotional health causes suffering. The functioning and profitability of any business venture also can be improved by removing disturbing factors and ensuring positive emotional energy.

An in-depth study of the location, layout, directions of the premises and also the surroundings is undertaken before suggestions for change are given. While anyone who reads the basics of Vaastu thoroughly, is capable of extending advise but like all other occults the intuitive faculty of the expert is of paramount importance.

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