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Rcvd : 1423 hrs on 2.09.2006 through e-mail

Query Chosen – General – Starter’s Delight (with special interest in prospects of re-joining family business)

Name : UDAYAN JAIN = 18 + 8 = 26 = 2 + 6= 8
DOB : 24.02.1976
Time : 1431 HRS
Place : Mumbai, India

( The correctness of birth details like date and place of birth and accuracy of the time of birth is extremely important for calculations for creating correct horoscope and amazingly true predictions. The astro-logical observations made in the following prediction are based on the birth details provided by you).


You were born on 24.02.1976

  • Your Birth number is 6
  • Your Basic number is 4
  • Your Identity number is 8

The way you write your name needs urgent modification. Choose one from the following options :

  • UDAYAN B JAIN – Identity number changed to 1
  • UDAYAN R JAIN - Identity number changed to 1
  • UDAYAN K JAIN - Identity number changed to 1
  • UDEYAN JAIN - Identity number changed to 3

(Please write back for more options – give your own preferences for the spellings)

Ensure that no document of yours (Passport, Driving license, Bank Account, any official record) has any other name other than the one mentioned above. If in case there is any document which mentions any other spellings please get the same possible.

You should be known as your ‘New Modified Name’ and you must try popularising it. You might not ‘observe’ any benefit for changing of your name-spellings but it is extremely important so as to reduce the struggle and resistance in life, you would otherwise face.

You must stay away from number 4 and 8. Any name, number of address reducing itself to 4 and 8 will tend to increase the negativity in your life. Stay away from phone numbers totalling and then reducing to 4 or 8. Likewise avoid any address which gets reduced to 4 or 8. To calculate the total for any name, number or address please visit Numerology in


Fond of finer things like arts, music, dance or life style products you are a person with gentleness in your personality. Your ‘giving’ nature and soft approach may not be always understood or appreciated, at times giving you rigidity of behaviour.

You are diplomatic and polite but whenever you see your interest being hurt or your intentions being misunderstood you guard your point of view forcefully. Sometimes you overdo this and the aggression in behaviour and inflexibility starts going against you.


Your fortunes lie not away from the family meaning that you are basically a family man and shall tend to gain from family. Improving interaction and communication with family members will bring you closer to them and thereby improving happiness and fortunes. Sacrifice is an essential cost to be paid for improving or maintaining relationships and you must learn to make compromises.

Extending the definition of family – accepting family as whole and not just the nucleus family of yours will also be in your own interest. You tend to gain from inheritance.


Your being in the family business is advised because the best of partnerships that you can have is within family. The family business may not be very satisfying to you and you may have to make compromises for nurturing it but still it is a better bet than trying to do something on your own, unless it is purely an area where there are not much materialistic expectations.

Presence of Saturn, the lord of house of fate in 2 nd house is indicative of fortunes in the family business. Saturn governs iron and steel and therefore by design you may try to divert yourself towards some other business or area of interest but by default Saturn is trying to pull you back into

Information, knowledge, techniques, teaching or counseling suits your personally and interest and therefore the tendency and urge to adopt them in your professional life would be strong but it is recommended that you make use of your strengths for building up the family business. You may not like the routine or operational part in the family business but once you put your heart and soul into it.


There are no health issues currently and you seem to be robust. Practice meditation or yoga for guarding the health in the long run. You are sensitive and are likely to undertake stress without even your being aware of it. This could manifest into increased blood pressure or even diabetes at a later stage. It makes sense in leading a stress free life and investing in good health – realizing this early in life is extremely beneficial.


Your wife is capable of extending meaningful help in not only managing the family but also the business. She can take care of some of your responsibilities and sharing your workload with her can enhance the progress. She is loving, devoted and caring.

Time in the past

The platform for the first major change in your life was laid in mid-July 1998 and by September 1999 you prepared yourself for newer responsibilities in life.

Between Sept 1999 and September 2002 you braved the vagaries and adversities of business with zeal but the times simply did not seem to be favourable.

From September 2002 for another three years the time changed. The scenario at the work place changed but with not much of improvement in the overall scenario.

From September 2005 again because of the Moon’s major influence period the outlook has changed and the newer opportunities have started tempting you to tap them.

Time ahead

Between 15.9.2005 and 15.7.2006 the platform for the newer development was formed and from mid-July time for action has started. From mid-July you might have witnessed increased expenses or the repayment burden of loans could have increased.

The expenditure or financial strain could continue till 15.2.2007 after which it could become slightly better, depending on your action plan and efforts.

You need to put your best foot forward and plunge into the family business. There would be problems and newer troubles but marching ahead in a calculated manner should yield results.

Between Feb 2007 and Aug 2008 you possibly could witness fluctuations in inflow of funds. While increased income is not rules out you need to avoid any impulsive expansion and uncalculated risk during this period. You could feel increased mental burden and worries during this period.

From Aug 2008 onwards you shall easing out of the situation. The work front would become enjoyable.

From now till March 2015 you need to focus on your priorities, decide the action plan and implement the same with full conviction. In absence of any of these, things would appear fluid and uncertain because in surroundings and environment around you there would be an air of improbability. Avoid shirking from putting in hard work and concentrated efforts till at least March 2015.

You may have witnessed an increased appetite for sleep since Sept 2005. If it is so then you may practice yoga to minimise mental tension and anxiety.

Remedial measures for the Moon :

Do any one or more of the following :

Moti (pearl) must be worn in a silver ring only. The stone should touch the finger. Pearl should be 2, 4, 6 or 11 carat in weight and is to be worn in ring-finger or preferably small finger of either hand.

It should be worn on a 'Shukla Paksha' Monday after reciting the following 'mantra' preferably 11000 times : (If reciting the mantra 11000 times is not possible recite it at least 108 times)


  • After wearing the ring donate rice, sugar, kheer and white cloth to the needy.
  • Give dough to cow daily. Serve your own mother or some other older lady, in whatever fashion you can.
  • To choose an even simpler remedial measure you may either purchase protecshield. Alternatively contact mentioning your religion, faith and the country you hail form.

The observations are made based on the Time/Date/Place of Birth provided and the same are mentioned in the beginning. Please feel free to seek clarification, if any.

Wishing you all the very best.
Your Personal Astrologer 03.09.2006

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