Model Reply of a Query - Primary Consultation involving Marriage

Query From : Ms N. MAYA

Rcvd : 1632 hrs on 10.04.2006 through e-mail

Query Chosen - What are the likely period during which I shall get married ? How will be my spouse and married life, in general ?

Name : N. MAYA = 5 + 7 = 12 = 3
DOB : 12.01.1980
Time : 0532 HRS
Place : Delhi, India

( The correctness of birth details like date and place of birth and accuracy of the time of birth is extremely important for calculations for creating correct horoscope and amazingly true predictions. The astro-logical observations made in the following prediction are based on the birth details provided by you).

Jupiter is influencing the ascendant and will move to second house from 27 th Oct 2006. From Sept 2005 till end of Oct 2006 Jupiter is not favorable in general but favorable for marriage. Efforts to find a suitable match must be made to the fullest in this period.

Saturn’s primary influence period started from 10.12.2003.

Between 10.12.2003 and 13.12.2003 Saturn’s secondary influence continues. This is not a favorable time. The time shall improve from mid-December onwards when secondary influence of Mercury starts.


You were born on 12.01.1980

  • Your Birth number is 3
  • Your Basic number is 4
  • Your Identity number is 3
  • The way you write your name – N.MAYA is proper. Post marriage, after giving up your maiden name if you have to change the name with a new surname, consult to find out how to spell your name with any modification, if required.
  • You must avoid number 4 and 8 in your life, wherever possible. Avoid a house number, phone number, vehicle number etc which gets reduced to 4 or 8. Consider the values of the alphabets also if they exist in between. For details visit Numerology section in
  • Guarding yourself against 4 and 8 will ensure lesser resistance in life. You will have the ability to balance the material and spiritual life.

General Observations

All houses other than 3rd, 6th and 12th are strong, indicating some kind of a deficiency in relationship to brother/sister ; health and gains from distant lands. An arguing kind nature is not ruled out because of a logical and rational mind.

Being tactful may improve popularity considerably. Mercury major period of influence would be much better than that of the Saturn, which is currently running .

The material gains would be steady and the earnings handsome and so being active in usiness or taking up a small venture makes lot of sense. Being a home maker would be waste of talent. Matrimonial life would be good.

Prospects of Marriage

Prospects of marriage are adequate and a suitable match is expected. The understanding with spouse is expected to be very good with mutual respect and affection for each other.

The spouse would be an affectionate person with interest in some art-form like music etc. He would be tactful and a good conversationalist but little domineering. Difference of opinion on certain matters is not ruled out but overall the relationship should be a steady and an enjoyable one.Mercury is the ruler of 7th house and it's sitting in 1st house with Sun suggests that your opinion should be of paramount importance while making the selection. Some astrologers may be of the opinion that you may choose your own spouse but to put it mildly your opinion in choosing the partner should be given the due credence.

Efforts for finding a suitable match should continue and finalization of marriage should be tried before 27th Oct 2006.

Marriage is likely between 13.12.2006 and 30.04.2007

Remedial measures:

Do any one or more of the following :

a) Following mantra may be chanted 908 times after puja on a Wednesday.


This may be repeated on Wednesdays.

b) Offer palak (Spinach) to cow on Wednesdays

c) Soak a handful of Green Moong Pulse (Chhilkewali) on Tuesday night and offer it next day to birds for next 43 days. 43rd day would be the last Wednesday.

d) Observe fast on Thursdays. Chant following Mantra EVERYDAY especially on Thursdays, 108 times :


Start the first fast on a Thursday. Choose to do it for 3 years or next 16 Thursdays.

Pooja Vidhi - Have Yellow Sweet Rice, Besan Barfi, Yellow Flowers, Yellow Cloth, Banana in thali. Do not take headbath on first Thursdays.

Do not eat Salt on Thursdays. Start the Pooja with Vishnu Pooja followed by Brahaspati Vrat Katha. Eat Yellow sweet rice, besan barfi etc. Drink Yellow fruit juice like mango.

To get the best out of remedial measures - they must be performed happily and not as a compulsion. Other remedial measures or poojas may be suspended for sometime, if they are to hinder with the concentration. The above would fetch definite results.

E) To choose a simpler remedial measure you may either purchase protecshield. Alternatively contact mentioning your religion, faith and the country you hail form.

The observations are made based on the Time/Date/Place of Birth provided and the same are mentioned in the beginning. Please feel free to seek clarification, if any.

Wishing you all the very best.
Your Personal Astrologer 12.04.2006

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