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Query From : VIJAY KUMAR

Rcvd : 1856 hrs on 26.08.2006 through e-mail

Query Chosen - What are the chances of my going abroad in a job assignment? Will it be gains from overseas or possibility of settlement in foreign land?

Name : VIJAY KUMAR = 15 + 15 = 6 + 6 = 12 = 3
DOB : 24.08.1981
Time : 1040 HRS
Place : Ahmedabad (Gujarat) India

( The correctness of birth details like date and place of birth and accuracy of the time of birth is extremely important for calculations for creating correct horoscope and amazingly true predictions. The astro-logical observations made in the following prediction are based on the birth details provided by you).


You were born on 24.08.1981

  • Your Birth number is 6
  • Your Basic number is 6
  • Your Identity number is 3
  • The way you write your name is proper. ALWAYS WRITE VIJAY KUMAR or KUMAR VIJAY
  • Numerology endorses this name and assures that the combination of your Birth Number, Basic Number and Identity Number will bring you luck in material and monetary matters. You would not only have achievements but more importantly will be contented with them.
  • Ensure that no document of yours (Passport, Driving license, Bank Account, any official record has any other name other than the one mentioned above) If in case there is any document which mentions any other spellings like Vijay M Kumar etc pl get the same possible.
  • You should be known as VIJAY KUMAR and not “VIJAY” or “KUMAR” etc.

General Observations

Position, strength and other planetary considerations in your horoscope indicate that you are intelligent, a quick learner, skilled in anything that interests you and a knowledge seeker. These traits make you a disciplined and valuable individual for any organisation.

At times you may tend to go wrong in your decision making in matters related to self and so careful evaluation of the options before choosing one is recommended.

In due course of time you might also realise that the ‘conflicting situations’ in your life are more than that of an average person and these situations create confusion in judgement.

You shall be the ‘torch bearer’ of the family, thanks to the drive, energy, initiative and courage you possess.

You suffer from a recurrent dream or an unspecified fear or a repeated thought which is non comforting.

Luck would favour you and the material gains and accumulation of wealth would be above average during your life.

Reply to your query (Covers recent past and near future)

  • Between 26.10.2003 and 14.12.2005 you gained good insight in your job and responsibilities. This was a period in which you enriched yourself with lot of information, skill and ideas. Material gains though not to the extent of satisfaction also came, from distant lands.
  • From 14.12.2006 life became tougher. Job demanded increased efforts and the responsibilities demanded more time. This period (14.12.2005 to 26.6.2008) has a new set of problems because the home-comforts were compromised but the application of knowledge gained in the past is better. During this period keeping your cool, remaining focused on productivity and implementing the plans and strategies would determine you future in a big way.
  • Very high degree of gains from overseas are indicated between 26.6.2008 and 2.10.2010. These gains can be direct or indirect (as of now also you have been gaining from overseas). NEVER EVER THINK OF LEAVING A SITUATION WHEREIN YOU SEVERE YOUR TIES WITH FOREIGN LAND. Eg. – Never think of a business limited to India alone, or associating with a company of Indian origin or restricting itself to Indian operations. It will never give you the gains that you are bound to get from a ‘foreign connection’.
  • Plan to move out of the country. Start working in this direction from today itself. You are destined to be better off when away from motherland.
  • The possibility of your going abroad is strongest between 26.6.2008 and 23.10.2008 and therefore you can have your all other plans and preparations lined up.
  • The earnings are going to be good and mostly from connections in distant lands.
  • In the present scenario there seems a possibility of your settling abroad.
  • Learn a foreign language as one of the preparations that you intend doing for maximising your benefits from foreign lands.
  • You can expect very good income between 26.6.2008 and 2.10.2010. During this time you shall operate as an entrepreneur utilising your business acumen and extra-ordinary communication skills.

Remedial measures for Venus :

Do any one or more of the following :

a) Diamond weighing one carat or above in Platinum or Gold ring should be worn in right hand ring finger on 'shukla paksha' Friday in Bharani, Pushya, Purvaphalguni or Purvashadha nakshatra, (auspicious time – seek more info from auspitime) after chanting the following mantra 16000 (or at least 108 times) :


After wearing offer milk, curd, mishri (sugar), rice, silver coin, white clothes, chandan etc to the deserving and needy.

b) Chant the following mantra everyday at least 108 times after bath :


c) Charity :

Donate to needy and deserving, one of the following every Friday :

Milk, curd, mishri (sugar candy), rice, silver coin, white clothes, chandan etc.

d) To choose an even simpler remedial measure you may either purchase protecshield. Alternatively contact mentioning your religion, faith and the country you hail form.

Wishing you all the very best.
Your Personal Astrologer 26.08.2006

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